The following equipment is available for rent by club members in good standing. The equipment is the property of the club and must be returned clean and in good working order. The renter is responsible for all damages. Payment is required in advance.

Two frame, hand-cranked honey extractor
— Cost: $5.00 per day with $25.00 deposit
— Contact: Tom Cashman 920-432-2261
— Notes: Must be picked up and returned to contact person. Deposit is refunded when returned clean and in good working order.

— Cost: TBD
— Contact: Steve Hupfer 920-497-1998
— Notes: By appointment only

Four frame honey extractor
— Cost: TBD
— Steve Hupfer 920-497-1998
— Notes: Extractor is large, heavy, and bulky and requires a large vehicle or truck to transport